HPVC2015-077 (AngFlu) Medical Imaging Equipment Category 3: Angiography & Fluoroscopy Systems

Expired Contract

Contract Start Date
27 Oct 2017
Contract End Date
30 Jun 2020


This is the information page for the Angiography & Fluoroscopy Systems category under the Medical Imaging Equipment Sourcing Framework (HPVC2015-077).

Additional Information

Information for Participating Health Services

This page contains catalogues submitted by angiography / fluroscopy system suppliers pre-qualified under the Medical Imaging Equipment Sourcing Framework.  Health services may download these catalogues to conduct an initial shortlisting / technical assessment of systems prior to conducting a formal Request for Quote process.

Information for angiography / fluroscopy system suppliers

Supplier Pre-Qualification

All suppliers must be undergo a pre-qualification process for the Medical Imaging Equipment Sourcing Framework (HPVC2015-077) prior to submitting any catalogues for this category. Contact the Category Manager for further details (via the contact details on the right side of this page)

Request for Catalogues (RFC)

Once pre-qualified, all angiography / fluroscopy system suppliers must submit a catalogue containing specifications for their angiography / fluroscopy systems on offer.

A separate catalogue must be submitted for each subcategory.

Click the "Contract Files" tab (to the left of this page) to download the following RFC documents:

  • Part A - RFC Details
  • Part B - Conditions of Participation
  • Part C - Catalogue Templates (a separate template for each subcategory)
  • Returnable Appendix - Response to RFC Form

Angiography / Fluoroscopy Systems - Subcategories and Scope


Subcategory Scope

3.01 Mobile Mini C-Arms

Mobile systems primarily for fluoroscopy procedures on extremities (e.g. hands, feet, ankles, wrists, knees, shoulders, etc.)

3.02 Mobile Fluoroscopy / Large C-Arms

Mobile fluoroscopy systems large enough for a table and adult-sized patient to fit between image intensifier / flat panel detector and x-ray tube.

3.03 Fixed Fluoroscopy Systems

Fixed general fluoroscopy systems. Includes hybrid general fluoroscopy / radiography room systems

3.04 Angiography / Cath Lab Systems 

Single and biplane angiography / interventional radiology / cardiac catheterisation lab systems. Includes hybrid angiography / operating room systems

The scope of the subcategories listed above excludes:

  • Standalone radiography systems without fluoroscopic functionality
  • Fluoroscopy options for primary systems within another modality (e.g. CT fluoroscopy)