Contracts and tenders

The products and services on our collective agreement contracts are negotiated by our Procurement team on behalf of Victoria's public health services.

Collective agreement contracts

See the Contracts and documents page for the full list of our collective agreement contracts and their accompanying documents.


See the Tenders (Invitation to Supply) page for a list of open tenders.

Notifications for contracts and tenders

You can elect to receive email notifications of updates to contracts and tenders by using our favourite function. To favourite a contract or tender:

  1. Register for a website account: select Register from the website's navigation bar and fill out the registration form.
  2. Go to Contracts and documents or Tenders: once signed in, navigate to Contracts and documents or Tenders (Invitation to Supply) from the navigation under Contracts and tenders.
  3. Favourite a contract: select the 'star favourite' icon next to a contract to be emailed receive update notifications.
  4. Change the frequency of notifications: navigate to Notification settings under My Account Settings.
  5. Opt-out of notifications: deselect the 'star favourited' icon next to a contract or tender to stop notifications.



Content reviewed: January 2024