Contracts and tenders

HSV contracts

Please visit the Contracts and documents page for a list of an existing contracts and their accompanying documents.

HSV tenders

Please visit the Tenders (Invitation to Supply) page for a list of current tenders.

Stay up to date

Use the favourite function to receive contract updates

  1. Register: sign-up for an HSV website account using the register button on the top right hand side of the homepage.
  2. Contracts and documents: once signed in, go to Contracts and documents or Tenders (Invitation to Supply) under Contracts and tenders  
  3. Favourite: click the icon next to a contract to receive email alerts when updates are made to it.
  4. Notifications: change the frequency of your update emails via My Account Settings.
  5. Opt-out: deselect the Favourited icon next to a contract or tender to stop notifications.