HPVC2023-190 Victorian Compounded Chemotherapy & MAB Preparations Cluster

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
11 Dec 2023
Contract End Date
10 Dec 2026


Contract for the provision of compounded chemotherapy and monoclonal antibody (MAB) preparations to participating Victorian public health services.

Additional Information

HSV wishes to announce that the HPVITS2023-190 Victorian Compounded Chemotherapy and MAB Preparations Cluster tender has now been awarded.


The contract details are:

Contract commencement date: 11 Dec 2023

Contract end date: 10 Dec 2026

Option periods: 1 x 2-year Option



Category 1: Chemotherapy medicines
Category 2: Biologic medicines
Category 3: Containers
Category 4: Compounding
Category 5: Consumables