HPVITS2021-015 Respiratory Products

Current Tender

Market Release Date
05 Feb 2021
Option Periods
2x2 Years


Provision of a range of respiratory products to Victorian public hospitals and health services.

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Dear Suppliers,

HPVITS2021-019 – Respiratory Products – 2020 Industry Briefing

HPV would like to invite you in for an Industry Briefing for the upcoming Respiratory Product resourcing event booked in for Tuesday the 15th of December 3:00PM-4:00PM.

Location: Teleconference via Microsoft Teams.

Please register your interest (max 2 attendees with preference for attendees who are responsible for the tender submission) for the Industry Briefing by emailing myself (D.nguyen@hpv.org.au) up until Monday the 14th of December 12:00PM with the following details:

  • Name:
  • Position:
  • Organisation:
  • Email address:

Meeting invitations will be issued upon receipt of the above information.


David Nguyen - Category Manager


Update 22/01/2021

Dear Suppliers,

Due to internal requirements with the recent transition to HealthShare Victoria we have been requested to delay the release of the Invitation To Supply by two weeks. The tender release date will be 05/02/2021.


David Nguyen - Category Manager


Update 5/02/2021

Dear Suppliers,

I am pleased to announce that the tender has now been released. For any questions regarding the ITS please use the secure messaging platform on Jaggaer and please do remember to reach out to your referees early. 


David Nguyen - Category Manager


Option Periods Remaining


Sales Report Template

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1 Oxygen Face Masks
2 Anaesthesia/Resuscitation Face Masks
3 Non Invasive Ventilation Interfaces
4 Nasal Cannulae
5 Oxygen Tubing
6 Nebulisers
7 Breathing Circuits and Accessories
8 Respiratory Filters
9 Gas Sampling Lines and Co2 Monitoring
10 Catheter Mounts and Connectors
11 Rebreathing Bags
12 Oropharyngeal Airways (Guedel)
13 Nasopharyngeal Airways
14 Endotracheal Tubes
15 Intubation Stylets, Airway Catheters and Guides
16 Laryngeal Mask Airways
17 Tracheostomy Tubes
18 Yankauer Suction Devices
19 Suction Catheters
20 Closed Ventilation Suction Systems
21 Suction Tubing
22 Closed Wall Suction Systems
23 Manual Resuscitators
24 Laryngoscope Blade
25 Asthma Spacers