HPVC2022-198 Mobile Workstations and Associated Equipment

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
20 Dec 2022
Contract End Date
19 Dec 2027
Option Periods
5 + 2 x 3 year options


Provision of Mobile Workstations and Associated Equipment to participating health services

Additional Information

Contract Details:

Contract Start Date: 20 Dec 2022

Contract Expiry Date: 19 Dec 2027

Principal Term: 5 years


Option periods Remaining:

2 x 3 years currently available


Draft Pricing schedule is now available to be viewed and will be reformatted for more user friendly experience.

Please utilise Annexure A Purchase Order form to engage with panel vendors.


Category 1. Fixed asset PCs
Category 2. Monitors
Category 3. Mobile Access Devices
Category 4. Input peripherals
Category 5. Barcode scanners
Category 6. Mobile workstations (WoW’s)
Category 7. Workstation Mounts
Category 8. Printers
Category 9. Cables, leads and adaptors
Category 10. Consumables
Category 11. Battery charging devices
Category 12. Services