HPVC2022-061 Interventional Radiology

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
01 Dec 2022
Contract End Date
30 Nov 2024
Option Periods
2 x 1-year


Contract for the provision of a range of Interventional Radiology products, to participating Victorian public hospitals and eligible health services.

Additional Information

HSV has concluded the re-sourcing event for the Interventional Radiology category.

The principal period commences on 1 December 2022 and runs until 30 November 2023, with 1 x 1-year option periods still available.



If you have any queries please contact, the HSV Helpdesk at: helpdesk@healthsharevic.org.au


01: Metallic Biliary Stents
02: Vascular Stents
03: Ureteric Stents and Kits
04: Balloon Catheters
05: Drainage Catheters and Kits
06: Diagnostic Catheters
07: Guiding Catheters
08: Thrombolytic Infusion Catheters, Kits and Thrombectomy Devices (not awarded)
09: Guidewires
10: Introducer Sheaths and Access Kits
11: Endovascular Coils
12: IVC Filters and Retrieval Devices
13: Core Biopsy Needles and Access Needles
14: Embolization Devices
15: Microcatheters and Microcatheter Kits
16: Neurovascular Guiding Catheters
17: Neurovascular Balloon Microcatheters
18: Neurovascular Guidewires
19: Flow Diversion Devices
20: Intra Arterial Stroke Treatment Devices
21: Intracranial Stents
22: Carotid Stents
23: Ablation (not awarded)
24: Embolics
25: Intermediate / Distal Access Catheters