HPVITS2022-061 Interventional Radiology

Upcoming Tender

Market Release Date
01 May 2022
Option Periods


Provision of Interventional Radiology products to Victorian public hospitals and health services.

Additional Information

Contract Details: Principal period will commence on the 1st of May 2022 and will run for two years.  Two optional extension periods of one year each will be included in the agreement.


01: Metallic Biliary Stents
02: Vascular Stents
03: Ureteric Stents and Kits
04: Balloon Catheters
05: Drainage Catheters and Kits
06: Diagnostic Catheters
07: Guiding Catheters
08: Thrombolytic Infusion Catheters, Kits and Thrombectomy Devices
09: Guidewires
10: Introducer Sheaths and Access Kits
11: Endovascular Coils
12: IVC Filters and Retrieval Devices
13: Core Biopsy Needles and Access Needles
14: Microcoils
15: Microcatheters and Microcatheter Kits
16: Neurovascular Guiding Catheters
17: Neurovascular Balloon Microcatheters
18: Neurovascular Guidewires
19: Flow Diversion Devices
20: Intra Arterial Stroke Treatment Devices
21: Intracranial Stents
22: Carotid Stents
23: Ablation
24: Embolics
25: Intermediate / Distal Access Catheters
26: Miscellaneous Interventional Radiology