HPVC2016-022 Medical and Industrial Gases

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
01 Jun 2017
Contract End Date
31 May 2025
Option Periods


Provision of a range of compressed cylinder and compressed bulk medical and industrial gases. Managed Services, undertaken by service provider staff or by health service staff using supplier provided hardware and software.

Additional Information

Contract Details

The Principal Period commenced on 1st of June 2017 and ran until 31st of May 2021.  The first of the options was exercised and the contract extended until 31st of May 2023

Final Option Period 

The final 2 Year option has been exercised.  This will run from 1 June 2023 until 31 May 2025. 

Next Action

HealthShare Victoria will return to the market, from late 2023 to early 2024, to establish a new Agreement for the provision of medical and industrial gases commencing 1 June 2025. There is an established reference group that will be called upon to assist with the process. Should Health Services wish to have representation on the reference group and participate in the market sourcing event, plus contact your HSV Customer Engagement representative.   


Category 1: Medical Gases, Compressed Cylinder
Category 2: Industrial including Food Grade Gases, Compressed Cylinder
Category 3: Liquid Bulk Medical Gases including vessel rental and telemetry
Category 4: Specialty Medical Gases, Compressed
Category 5: Managed Services (hospital or supplier provided)