HPVITS2021-123 Dental Consumables


Provision of Dental Consumables to the participating Victorian Health Services, Hospital and Clinics.

Additional Information

This ITS has been closed, HSV is currently evaluating the responses and the new contract is estimated to commence on 01/07/2022.


Any queries, please email: helpdesk@healthsharevic.org.au



Categories listed below is subjected to changes in this tender.
Category 1 – Burs;
Category 2 – Endodontics products;
Category 3 – General Consumables;
Category 4 – Impression products;
Category 5 – Instruments and accessories;
Category 6 – Laboratory products;
Category 7 – Orthodontics products;
Category 8 – Preventative products;
Category 9 – Restorative products;
Category 10 – Dental Instrument kits