HPVC2017-086 Heart Valve Replacement Products

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
30 Jun 2017
Contract End Date
29 Jun 2024
Option Periods
No option period Remaining


Provision of Heart Valve Replacement Products to Victorian public hospitals and health services.

Additional Information

Contract Details

The Agreement Period commenced on 30th of June 2017 and runs until 29th of June 2024.

Option Periods Remaining

No option period remaining

Health Service Compliance (90/10)

Please note a compliance rule exists for this contract.

As per Part 4 - Special Conditions of the tender documentation:

Notwithstanding Part 1, clause 2 Invitation, where Participating Health Services at their discretion required to meet specific clinical needs, or continue to perform programmed clinical trials or research, they may purchase products from non-contracted suppliers which otherwise meet the specification detailed in Part 5 Statement of Requirements. The exercise of that discretion shall not exceed 10% in total of the Participating Health Service’ annual outlay in respect of all products purchased by it subject to an Agreement entered pursuant to this Tender.


Category 1: Aortic Valves, Mechanical - General
Category 2: Aortic Valves, Tissue / Xenograft - General
Category 3: Stentless Xenograft Tissue Valves
Category 4: Mitral Valves, Mechanical - General
Category 5: Mitral Valves, Tissue / Xenograft - General
Category 6: Annuloplasty Bands / Rings - Mitral
Category 7: Annuloplasty Bands / Rings - Tricuspid