HPVITS2024-194: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Current Tender


Consolidation of three existing categories including: Drapes, Clinical Protective Apparel, Examination & Surgical Gloves and Hand Hygiene & Chemical Disinfectant Products into a consolidated PPE Contract.

Industry Briefing Scheduled for the 20th of May, 11:00 AM. See details below to register.

Please register your company interest (maximum three attendees including name and email address) for the Industry Briefing via email to a.mina@healthsharevic.org.au before Friday, 17 May 2024 11.30 pm.

Additional information


Update: 26/06/2024- Release of PPE Prequalification - Further Delay:

PPE project timeline update

We kindly wish to inform you that the Personal Protective Equipment project timeline has been further adjusted. Due to internal operational requirements, the release of the PPE prequalification will be postponed to July (the first half at this stage). Further updates will be provided in due course. We kindly request that you continue to monitor the HSV website for further details.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


1.         About HealthShare Victoria 

Health Purchasing Victoria (‘HPV’) was established by section 129(1) of the Health Services Act 1988 and is a public authority which represents the Crown. HPV’s functions include ‘to supply or facilitate access to the supply of goods and services to public hospitals and other health or related services on best value terms’. 

HealthShare Victoria (HSV), established in 2021 brings Health Purchasing Victoria’s existing functions and major supply chain assets under one single management. 

 2.        Purpose of the Invitation to Supply (ITS) 

  • HSV will be seeking responses for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for use in Participating Health Services. The envisaged Term of the Agreement is a 5-year principal with two optional two-year extension periods (i.e. 5+2+2) with a mid-term pricing review.
  • The scope of this ITS covers the supply of Drapes, Clinical Protective Apparel, Examination & Surgical Gloves and Hand Hygiene & Chemical Disinfectant Products which will be outlined in the Statement of Requirement (SOR).  Any exclusions will be referenced in the SOR.  
  • Pursuant to HSV’s Purchasing Policy, the objectives of this Invitation to Supply (ITS) include establishing on behalf of Participating Health Services the best base rate price per product and/or pricing benchmarking, in respect of PPE as per the specifications detailed, and on the conditions variously described herein. Respondent(s) are required to assist HSV, and Participating Health Services achieve these objectives. 

3.         JAGGAER Advantage Procurement Portal 

Note: Respondents are required to submit their tender response through HSV Procurement Portal only via the websitewww.healthsharevic.org.au 

  • All respondents must register for an account on the HSV website before gaining access to the HSV Procurement Portal.  
  • Respondents are required to download the ITS from the HSV Procurement Portal. Prior to downloading the ITS, Respondents are required to formally register their contact details with HSV on the above-mentioned website. 
  • The purpose of registration is to assist gain access to the ITS documentation, and response schedules, and assist HSV to advise all Respondents of any addenda or other matters relevant to this ITS prior to the Closing Date and Time or thereafter as may be necessary. 
  • Any communication by HSV will be to the relevant Authorised Contact Person registered in the ITS download details. 
  • Respondents must advise the Authorised Contact Person immediately if they believe that HSV has not obtained their current contact details, or if their contact details change at any time prior to the ITS Closing Date. 
  • If a Respondent has not provided correct and complete contact details, HSV will not be obliged to provide any further information about this ITS and HSV will not be liable for errors or omissions by the Respondent in any Response.  

4.      Anticipated Release Date, Closing Date and Time for Lodgement of Responses 

  • It is anticipated that the ITS Prequalification will be released on the HSV procurement portal by the end of May, 2024
  • The closing date for questions associated with the Prequalification ITS is mid-June 2024 (Details to come)
  • The anticipated Closing Date and Time for lodgement of Responses is early June 2024 (Details to come)
  • HSV will review prequalification submission before inviting qualified suppliers to the main ITS activity for PPE in Mid-June 2024. This activity will be open for 5 weeks.  

5.         Industry Briefing  

  • An industry Briefing will be held for the upcoming PPE ITS 
  • The Industry Briefing will be held (virtually via Microsoft Teams - online session) on 20th of May 2024 11:00 am – 12:30 pm AEST 
  • Please register your company interest (maximum three attendees including name and email address) for the Industry Briefing via email to a.mina@healthsharevic.org.au before Friday, 17 May 2024 11.30 pm.
  • The briefing will provide general information and detailed information on how to complete the response via the HSV Procurement Portal. 

6.         HSV Helpdesk 

Please contact our helpdesk for any further assistance by email to: helpdesk@healthsharevic.org.au 



1 Examination Gloves
2 Surgical Gloves
3 Glove Dispensers
4 Alcohol-Based Hand Rubs
5 Non-Medicated Hand Wash Solutions
6 Medicated Hand Wash Solutions
7 Moisturiser
8 Surface Cleaning Wipes
9 Chemical Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants
10 Food Service Chemicals
11 Washer Disinfector Chemicals
12 Laundry Chemicals
13 Reusable Medical Device Wipes
14 Accessories - Dispensers, Brackets, Pumps and Chemical Dispensers including Automated Chemical Dispensing and Dosing Systems (ACDDS)
15 Respiratory Protective Face Masks
16 Respirators
17 Eye and Face Protective Devices
18 Clinical Overshoes Cover
19 Headwear
20 Patient Underwear
21 Non-Sterile Single-Use Gowns for Patient Use
22 Single-Use Isolation Gowns
23 Single-Use Surgical/Procedure Gowns
24 Disposable Scrubs
25 Plastic Aprons
26 Disposable Antimicrobial Curtains and Screens
27 Adhesive Incise Drapes
28 Drapes
29 Drapes Accessories
30 Equipment Covers