HPVC2023-087 Electricity - Large Sites

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
01 Jul 2023
Contract End Date
30 Jun 2025


HSV entered into an agreement with Alinta Energy for the provision of retail electricity services for large sites for a 24 month period.

Health Services - Refer to the secure cabinet for the price schedule. Main energy and environmental charges are provided together with an explanation on how certificate pricing is calculated. Metering charges are described on a separate tab as are bill validation and reporting services.

Additional Information

Note that large sites are considered to use >160MWh of electricity over a 12month period. Sites that use >40MWh can also use this agreement.  The contract permits sites to be added but only removed in the event a facility is closed or meter decommissioned. Should a hospital or eligible health be considering joining the contract but not using much then 3,400kWh per month, please contact HSV for an assessment as to whether the large sites' contract offers the best value or if the site should remain on a small sites (bundled rates) retail agreement. 

In addition to the electricity contract, for the benefit of ensuring best value is maintained through the term, the following Agreements are also associated with the Electricity Contract:

* Meter Provider and Meter Data Agent Agreement ((MP&MDA) with Mondo for the provision of interval meters and associated meter reporting. Quarterly billing is undertaken by Mondo and there are no metering charges on the electricity account. Note that some smaller sites (between 40MWh and 160MWh) may not qualify for an interval meter.  For those sites, meter data is still available for the purpose of managing the electricity contract. In those circumstances, Alinta's usual billing will apply. Meter billing is an either/or situation so a site will not be billed by both Mondo and Alinta.

Metering of large sites is contestable, which is why HSV maintains a separate contract for this service. It ensures metering and data from a single source plus it is cheaper than a retailer provided service.

* Provision of bill validation and monthly reporting services for all sites on the electricity contract. This is a service independent of the retailer. Invoices from meter data are built up independently of the retail invoice.  Retailers pass-through regulatory and network charges and there can be >100 columns of financial, tariff and narrative entries that are checked for accuracy to give health services comfort that monthly accounts are correct. If an error is found, a bill issues log is maintained with the error as an action until resolved. This is similar to a monthly audit and ensures health services do not pay 3rd party brokers to review bills that are reviewed each month through the HSV agreement. Under this agreement, some of the activities performed are below:

- validation reports

- comparative usage data by month

- graphical presentation of data

- demand management performance information

- Assistance with new sites, NMI's/meters, liaison with retailer and site project manager.  


Retail Electricity (large sites)