HPVC2016-098: Laundry & Linen Services - Metro Cluster

Current Contract

Contract start date: 26 Jun 2017

Contract end date: 30 Jun 2025


A contract for the provision of laundry and linen services to the Participating Health Services.

Additional information

Participating Health Services:

  • Austin Health
  • Eastern Health
  • Melbourne Health
  • Mercy Hospitals Victoria Ltd
  • Mercy Palliative Care Ltd
  • Northern Health
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • St. Vincent’s Hospital (Melb)
  • The Royal Dental Hospital
  • The Royal Eye and Ear Hospital
  • The Royal Women's Hospital
  • Tweddle Child and Family Health Service
  • Western Health

Contract Details

The Principal Period commenced on 26th of June 2017 and ran until 25th of June 2021.

A 2-year Option was exercised and runs until 25th of June 2023.

A 2-year Extension was exercised and runs until 30th of June 2025.

Options Remaining



Site-specific laundry service.