HPVC2019-060 Beds, Mattresses, Patient Trolleys and Treatment Chairs

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
30 Jun 2019
Contract End Date
29 Jun 2024


Provision of Beds, Mattresses, Patient Trolleys, Treatment Chairs and Associated Consumables

Additional Information

Open panel evergreen arrangement

Contract commenced on 30 June 2019 and expires on 30 June 2024.


Category 1 Acute Hospital Beds
Category 2 Aged Care/Residential Care/Home & Community Use Beds
Category 3 Mental Health Beds
Category 4 Children's Beds, including Neonates
Category 5 Birthing Beds
Category 6 Patient Trolleys (Stretchers)
Category 7 Treatment Chairs
Category 8 Pressure Redistribution Support Surfaces
Category 9 Accessories and Options
Category 10 Spare Parts