HPVITS2021-055 Infusion Pumps

Current Tender

Market Release Date
12 May 2021


Provision of a range of infusion pumps, associated administration sets, software and other consumables, semi-consumables, accessories and service and maintenance services.

Additional Information

Anticipated Industry Briefing date May 2021

Anticipated market release date May 2021

New contract start date 14 December 2021

Noting that this is a review of an evergreen open panel contract. Existing panel suppliers, pricing, products, T&Cs, specifications and warranties to be reviewed.

A PRG is required for this process.


001: Volumetric Pumps
002: Syringe Pumps
003: Dedicated Infusion Pumps
004: Pump Platforms
005: Dose Error Reduction System
006: IV Administration Sets
007: Semi-Consumables & Accessories
008: Options (post purchase upgrades)
009: Spare Parts
10: Agreements