HPVC2021-055 Infusion Pumps

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
13 Oct 2022
Contract End Date
12 Oct 2029


Provision of a range of infusion pumps, associated administration sets, software and other consumables, semi-consumables, accessories and service and maintenance services.

Additional Information

Contract Details

The Principal Term of the Contract is 7 years, with commencement date of 13 October 2022 and runs until 12 October 2029.


001: Volumetric Pumps
002: Syringe Pumps
003: Dedicated Infusion Pumps
004: Pump Platforms
005: Dose Error Reduction System
006: IV Administration Sets
007: Semi-Consumables & Accessories
008: Options (post purchase upgrades)
009: Spare Parts
10: Agreements