HPVC2018-036: Surgical Instruments - Open & Laparoscopic

Current Contract

Contract start date: 09 Feb 2019

Contract end date: 08 Feb 2025

Option periods: Nil


Provision of Surgical Instruments - Open and Laparoscopic to participating Victorian public hospitals and health services.

Additional information

Contract Details

The Principal Period commences on 9th February 2019 and runs until 8th of February 2023.

Option taken, new expiry date 8th of February 2025. 

Option Periods Remaining


Any queries or questions please raise an enquiry via HPV's Zendesk system:

Health Services - healthservices@hpv.zendesk.com

Suppliers - suppliers@hpv.zendesk.com


01 Clip applicator Devices for Open and Laparoscopic Surgery
02 Clips for Open and laparoscopic Surgery
03 Staple applicators for Open and Laparoscopic Surgery
04 Staple Units for Open and Laparoscopic Surgery
05 Surgical Mesh for Open and laparoscopic Surgery
06 Surgical Mesh Fixation Devices and Applicators for Open and laparoscopic Surgery
07 Insufflation Devices for laparoscopic surgery
08 Suction Irrigation Units for laparoscopic surgery
09 Access Devices for laparoscopic surgery
10 Balloon dilation and dissection devices for laparoscopic surgery
11 Surgical instruments for laparoscopic surgery
12 Diathermy electrodes for laparoscopic surgery
13 Cutting and coagulation instruments for open and laparoscopic
14 Specimen retrieval device for laparoscopic surgery
15 Sutures and suturing device for laparoscopic surgery