HPVC2017-111 External Contracted Medical Imaging Services

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
01 Oct 2017
Contract End Date
30 Sep 2023
Option Periods


A panel of suppliers has been established via this contract, to create a panel of pre-qualified service providers of medical imaging services (provision of services/and or reporting).

Additional Information

Each health service will retain the autonomy to approach the panel via an RFQ/RFT, to ensure the model of service is specific to each health service's requirements.

Contract Dates

The principle period commenced on 01/10/2017 and runs until 30/09/2023.

Supplementary Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) - previous

Supplementary ITQs were run in February 2018 and August 2018 that provided the opportunity for new providers to tender and qualify to join the panel.

A Supplementary ITQ was also conducted in August 2020.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) activity, October 2021 

HSV are seeking Expressions of Interest via the Procurement Portal for suppliers who may be interested in joining the panel. This EOI activity will open 27/10/2021 at 10am, and close 11/11/2021 at 2pm AEST.  

Should your organisation be interested in joining the panel of providers, please refer to activity "rfi-186_External Contracted Medical Imaging Services - Expressions of Interest" on the Procurement Portal for further information, and to submit a response. 

Please see below details for Helpdesk if you require assistance. 



If you need any assistance regarding this contract, please contact our Helpdesk.



(03) 9947 3900


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Imaging Services:

X-Ray Radiography Services
Ultrasound Sonography Services
Computed Tomography CT Services
Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI Services
Mamography Services
Angiography Services
Fluoroscopy Services
Nuclear Medicine Services
OPG/Cephalostat Services
Bone Densitometry Services

Reporting Services:

X-Ray Radiography Reporting Services
Ultrasound Reporting Services
Computed Tomography CT Reporting Services
Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI Reporting Services
Mamography Reporting Services
OPT/Cephalostat Reporting Services
Bone Densitometry Reporting Services