How to view and respond to tenders

We are committed to providing a fair and transparent tender process. Probity in the procurement process is fundamental to our legislative function.

We encourage all prospective suppliers to apply for tenders relevant to their business.

View open tenders

We advertise all open tenders in the Tenders (invitation to supply) section.

Respond to a tender

To respond to a tender, you will need to access the JAGGAER Advantage Procurement Portal.

For instructions on how to access the JAGGAER Advantage Procurement Portal, follow the steps on the Procurement Portal and responding to tenders page.

Tender evaluation

An independent committee evaluates every response to a tender against a set of criteria designed by the committee. To make sure the process is fair and transparent, a probity auditor is also involved during the process.

We will notify suppliers that have been successful and give them access to the contract documentation.

Unsuccessful suppliers can request feedback by submitting a message via the JAGGAER Advantage Procurement Portal.

Visit the Help Centre

Access a list of Frequently Asked Questions for suppliers and detailed information on the JAGGAER Advantage Procurement Portal in the Help Centre or contact our Helpdesk.


Content reviewed: May 2024