Sustainable procurement

Health supply chains have significant environmental, social and economic impacts.

At HealthShare Victoria, our purpose is to achieve best-value outcomes in procuring health-related goods, services and equipment. This includes ensuring sustainable procurement is an integral part of the sourcing process.

Around two-thirds of the overall environmental impact of healthcare provision occurs within the supply chain of goods and services purchased.

At HSV, we understand the impact sustainable purchasing decisions can have on social, economic and environmental indicators.

Since 2011, we’ve implemented a range of initiatives to support improvements in supply chain sustainability including; investigating opportunities to mitigate key sustainability risks within the categories managed by HSV, evaluating the environmental management practices of potential suppliers and seeking to procure environmentally-preferred goods and services that meet health service needs.

The Supplier Code of Conduct

We view our suppliers as partners and expect them to meet the minimum ethical expectations outlined in the Victorian Government’s Supplier Code of Conduct which came into effect on 1 July 2017. As this is a whole-of-Victorian Government policy, both HSV and mandated health services have a role in implementing the code. ore information is available within the Supplier Code of Conduct Fact Sheet and Supplier Code of Conduct Guidelines.

Two employees talk to a supplier about a battery product