Our approach to health service compliance

We have a legislative function to support mandated health services meet their obligations under the Health Services Act 1988 (Vic). Under the Act, health services are required to report on their compliance with the HSV Purchasing Policies.

We approach health service compliance through encouragement and monitoring. Our aim is to maintain the integrity of Victoria's public health system. Our approach:

  • where possible, encourages the lowest level of intervention for compliance issues
  • takes into account individual health service capacity to become compliant
  • responds to the behaviour and compliance history of each individual health service
  • promotes action on compliance issues proportionate to the level of risk
  • provides flexibility to escalate or de-escalate compliance issues as required
  • champions an evidence-based decision making process.

Our compliance framework

Our compliance framework is an integrity-based model that supports best value supply chain outcomes. Best value outcomes help to advance safe, affordable and sustainable healthcare for Victorians.

Graduated compliance

Our graduated compliance model promotes tailored and measured responses to compliance issues faced by health services.

Good procurement practices ultimately benefit all Victorians by advancing improved patient care through high-quality and financially sustainable procurement practices.

Health service compliance reporting

See the health service compliance reporting requirements on our compliance reporting page.