Our approach to procurement

Our approach to procurement is designed to be flexible and tailored to the needs of health services.

We collaborate with health service through reference groups to determine requirements for our product and service tenders.

Our sourcing program is revised biannually with health service input through the Procurement Activity Plan (PAP), providing an overview of our sourcing activities for the coming two years.

We have legislative functions under a number of Victorian and Commonwealth acts to support and monitor health service compliance with our HSV Health Purchasing Policiesmodern slavery risk and probity in procurement..

We are committed to sustainable procurement practices and have developed a Social Procurement Framework to assist health services to increase their positive impact.

We are procurement specialists and can support or led health service cluster sourcing for medical equipment and other products and services. 

More information on our approach to procurement

For more information, please contact your Customer Relationship Manager or our HelpDesk.