The Social Procurement Framework

The Social Procurement Framework (SPF) assists HSV and Victoria’s public health services to increase our positive social impact by applying best value procurement principles.

The aim of the SPF is to embed social procurement practices throughout the procurement process to deliver social and sustainable outcomes.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues faced by buyers, suppliers, and their suppliers impact the sustainability of the healthcare system. Applying SPF principles helps to reduce the environmental footprint created by supply chains and increase social benefits for Victorians

Read more on the Buying for Victoria website.

Benefits for suppliers

Suppliers are required to meet the social procurement standards outlined in HSV and health service tenders.

Social procurement is also good for business and suppliers can benefit through:

  • Integration of social and sustainable outcomes into business delivery.
  • Competitive positioning of your business when bidding for government work.
  • Opportunities to build a positive company profile and reputation for your business.
  • Fostering workplace diversity and increased capability and productivity.

Further information on social procurement

To access further support on the Social Procurement Framework you can email the Department of Government Services at

Health services undertaking procurement with a value of more than $20 million can contact the SPF Assurance Team at the Department of Treasury and Finance for planning and support at

Social procurement resources

See our sustainable, environmental and social procurement resources on our Procurement practice resources page.



Content reviewed: December 2023