Social procurement

Victoria's Social Procurement Framework

On most measures of environmental impact, the greatest part of the total impact from the health care sector occurs through the products consumed. These impacts derive primarily from the materials and manufacturing processes in the upstream supply chain, but also during product distribution and disposal after use.

Victoria's Social Procurement Framework is the key supporting framework guiding HSV and health services in increasing our positive social impact, and reducing our environmental impacts, in line with 'best value' procurement principles. Sustainable procurement practices under the framework include:

  • maximising recyclable/recovered content
  • minimising waste and greenhouse gas emissions
  • conserving energy and water
  • minimising habitat destruction and environmental degradation
  • providing non-toxic solutions

The decisions made in procurement and the environmental management practices of our suppliers (and their suppliers) are important to the overall sustainability of the provision of health services.  

HealthShare Victoria is supporting the implementation of Victoria's Social Procurement Framework (SPF) across the public health sector.

The SPF enables buyers and suppliers to use the State Government’s buying power to benefit the community, economy and the environment. More information is available on the Buying for Vic State Government website.

Our team is here to help you understand and fulfil requirements, providing practical support tailored to health service needs, including:

  • Self-assessment tools to help health services determine their Framework grouping and organisational readiness to undertake social procurement.
  • Templates to help health services develop a social procurement strategy or commitment.
  • Training to assist understanding of the Framework and requirements.

Implementation toolkit

Please see the social procurement toolkit for support in implementing the SPF.

Supplier benefits

Apart from meeting social procurement requirements outlined by HPV and health services in invitations to supply and contract conditions, social procurement is good for business and benefits can include:

  • Opportunity to integrate social and sustainable outcomes with business delivery.
  • Competitive positioning when bidding for Government work.
  • Building a positive company profile and reputation.
  • Fostering workplace diversity, capability and productivity.

Further information

To learn more about the Social Procurement Framework, email the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions at