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We offers a range of face-to-face and online training to support Victorian health service professionals. We train hundreds of health service staff every year, supporting them to implement ethical policy and meet probity requirements. Our suite of programs reflect industry best-practice.

Our training and courses

How to access training on ECHO

Training is provided to health services through our learning management system ECHO eLearning platform.

Please refer to the user guide for more information on ECHO.

If you already have an HSV website account

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  2. From your My Dashboard home page select 'ECHO'.
  3. Once inside ECHO, select ‘My Learning’ from the menu to access courses.

If you don’t have an HSV website account

  1. Select the 'Register' option in the main navigation
  2. On the registration form, select 'Health service' as your user type.
  3. On the registration form, check the box for 'access to ECHO training'.

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