Procurement Portal and responding to tenders

Getting started for suppliers

If you are a supplier interested in responding to an HSV tender, before you can access the JAGGAER Advantage Procurement Portal you will need to register for an account on this website.

Follow the steps below to get access to the Procurement Portal.

Steps to access the Procurement Portal

1. Register an account

Register for a HSV website account for access to the My Dashboard customer area.

2. Wait for approval

We will review your registration. Once approved you will receive an email.

3. Access the Portal

To respond to a tender, log in to My Dashboard and access the Procurement Portal.

Step 1. Register an account

To register for an account on the HSV website you will need:

  1. a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)
  2. a business-specific email address. If you are a small business using a generic email domain such as @gmail, @bigpond or, please contact our Helpdesk for assistance.

Step 2. Wait for approval

Once you submit the registration form with the details in step 1, we will review the details you have provided.

After we have approved your new account, you will receive an automated welcome email to the email address you provided. Follow the link in the welcome email to set up a passphrase for your account.

Step 3. Access the Portal to respond to a tender

Once you have set up a passphrase for your account and logged in to this website, you can access the JAGGAER Advantage Procurement Portal via the quick link on the landing page of the My Dashboard customer area.

What is the Procurement Portal?

The Procurement Portal, powered by JAGGAER Advantage, is a centralised procurement system that streamlines processes and builds in transparency. It enables activities such as:

  • collecting tender responses
  • requests for information from suppliers
  • contract management
  • supplier management.

How the Procurement Portal works

We provide licenses for the JAGGAER Advantage Procurement Portal and manage access to it through our website. The JAGGAER Advantage team provide technical support, should you require it.

At HSV, we use the Procurement Portal to manage tenders for HSV collective agreements.

Select mandated health services use the Portal independently from HSV to run their own procurement activities. 

Prospective suppliers get access to open tenders run by HSV and health services through the Portal.

Please note: to uphold probity and confidentiality, HSV does not have visibility of procurement run by health services through the Procurement Portal.

Super users and access permissions

Every organisation is allocated one super user for the Procurement Portal. There can only be one super user per organisation and this is typically the first person to register for an account from their organisation. 

The super user can read and respond to open tenders automatically.

Users who subsequently register under an existing organisation must request specific permissions from their super user to read and respond to tenders.

The super user is responsible for managing access permissions for their organisation's users. User access is managed in the Procurement Portal.

How to change your super use

Please contact our Helpdesk to change your organisation's super user.

Get more help

Suppliers can visit our Help Centre for Procurement Portal frequently asked questions and a handy user guide for the JAGGAER Advantage Procurement Portal.

Health services can access our JAGGAER Procurement Portal training page for videos on how to use the Portal to create and manage events. Please note, access to the training page is limited to registered mandated health service employees. Visit our Help Centre for further information.



Content reviewed: February 2024