HSV Purchasing Policies

The five HSV Purchasing Policies (HSV PPs) outline the obligations on health services when conducting procurement activities. This includes reporting obligations.


The HSV PPs guide health services on best-practice procurement including:

  • greater oversight of government spending. 
  • a principles-based approach to implementing probity strategy into internal procurement practices.
  • simplified processes.
  • value for money. 

HSV PPs frequently asked questions

Read the HSV Purchasing Policies FAQs.

Amendments to the HSV PPs

In October 2022 amendments to the HSV PPs were approved by the HSV Board. Read the HSV Purchasing Policies Victorian Government Gazette Notice 

Schedule 1 and 5 health services identified within the Health Services Act 1988 (Vic)(The Act) must fully transition to the amended HSV HPPs by 1 January 2024.

The 2017 Health Purchasing Policies have been revoked and replaced as of 1 January 2024. Gazette Notice G 50 Revoking of the 2014 Health Purchasing Policies.

The CPU Purchasing Policy - Patient Food Preparation and Distribution

The CPU Purchasing Policy - Patient Food Preparation and Distribution initiated by the Department of Health and administered by HSV, requires each of the health services named in the policy to purchase its pre-prepared patient food from one of two Central Production Units (CPUs) at Austin Health and Monash Health.