Contract exemptions

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Mandated health services can apply for exemptions under certain circumstances.

Applications for exemptions must be made as soon as possible after transition to a new collective agreements or as soon as practical when an issue arises. 

Qualifying for exemptions

Applications for exemption requests can be made under the following circumstances:

  • where, at the time of notification by HSV that a collective agreement is to be sourced, there is a pre-existing contract in place between the health service and a supplier for the relevant good and/or service.
  • where a clinical or operational exemption is necessary to ensure that patients of the health service will receive clinically appropriate treatment or care; or the effective administration of the health service.
  • where the implementation and continued use of the HSV contract may have a potential negative impact on the viability of a regional small or medium business, or on local employment growth or retention.

The HSV Board may also exercise discretion to grant exemptions.

Apply for an exemption from a collective agreement

Collective agreement exemptions should be submitted via the Exemptions Portal in the My Dashboard customer area of this website. See the user guide for instructions on how to use the Exemptions Portal. Please note, you must be logged in to access the Nominations Portal and access is limited to health service employees.

Apply for an exemption for on-selling goods or services

For exemptions regarding the on-selling of goods or services under HSV collective agreements, please complete the On-selling Exemption Application.

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