The State Supply Chain

The State Supply Chain (SSC) was established in 2020 as part of the Victorian Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The SSC is governed by the Department of Health and was set up with Monash Health as the supply and logistics lead and Health Purchasing Victoria (which became HealthShare Victoria (HSV) in 2021) as the procurement lead.

The supply and logistics component has transitioned across to HSV as the supply and logistics provider for public health services in Victoria. The SSC is went live with HSV on 5 June 2023.

The SSC currently has five components:

  • PPE
  • Surgical reserve stockpile (including sterilisation wraps)
  • ICU equipment
  • Rapid Antigen Tests
  • Victorian pharmaceutical reserve.

The SSC plays a critical role in ensuring Victorian public health services have access to goods that may be in higher demand or difficult to access. In addition, the SSC ensures a level of equity to access for these items through an allocation model when required.

The State Supply Chain and health services

Access important information on the SSC for health services (please note this page is available to SSC customers when signed in to this website).







Page updated 6 June 2023.