Eligible services

HealthShare Victoria works across Victoria’s health sector, ranging from small rural health services to large metropolitan hospitals and community health organisations.

Our team works in partnership with health services to ensure our procurement services are tailored to their diverse requirements.

Mandated health services

Mandated health services are Victorian public health services (a Victorian public hospital or public health service) listed in Schedules 1 or 5 of the Health Services Act, 1988, as amended. 

Eligible services

As well as providing an end-to-end health supply chain for Victoria’s public hospitals, HSV has a function under the Health Services Act 1988(Vic) to extend access to our collective agreements to health or related services which have been assessed as ‘eligible services’.

The following entities may qualify as eligible service customers:

  • Community health organisations
  • Women’s health organisations
  • Ambulance services
  • Denominational hospitals
  • Aged care facilities
  • Bush nursing hospitals
  • Disability services
  • Multi-purpose services
  • Other ‘health or related services’ as described under the Act.

Apply for access to HSV collective agreements

Organisations wishing to apply for access to one or more HSV collective agreement must meet specified criteria and apply for access in accordance with the process set out in the Access to HealthShare Victoria Collective Agreements (Contracts) policy.

To apply for access to an HSV collective agreement, complete the application

For more information, contact the Customer Engagement team.