Eligible services

Access to our collective agreements may be extended to health or related services assessed by us to be 'eligible services'. Extending access to eligible services forms part of our legislative function.

While eligible services may qualify for access to our collective agreements, mandated health services are required to use them.

Eligible services may include:

  • Community health organisations
  • Women’s health organisations
  • Ambulance services
  • Denominational hospitals
  • Aged care facilities
  • Bush nursing hospitals
  • Disability services
  • Multi-purpose services
  • Other ‘health or related services’ as described under the Act

Apply for access to HSV collective agreements as an eligible service

To apply for access to our collective agreements organisations must meet the criteria outlined in our access to HealthShare Victoria collective agreements (contracts) policy

If the criteria is met, submit an application via the application form to access to HSV collective agreements.



Content reviewed: January 2024