Prospective suppliers to HSV

The HSV website contains details of all current contracts and tenders or invitations to supply. Suppliers need to register for a HSV website account at in order to respond to any invitation to supply.

Suppliers can choose to receive updates and alerts about specific contracts or tenders in their HSV website accounts. The frequency of these updates can be selected as immediate, daily, weekly or monthly.

To register, suppliers need an Australia Business Number (ABN) and an email address specific for your organisation only. Small businesses that do not have a workplace or unique email domain – and use or for example – should contact HSV at for assistance.

New registration requests are reviewed and approved by HSV.

The Prospective Suppliers information page on our website includes frequently asked questions about our sourcing program.

Terms and conditions

As a public entity tasked with supplying goods and services to public health services, HSV purchase orders contain terms and conditions.

HSV is unable to accept supplier terms and conditions. When setting up HSV as an account, please do not include terms and conditions in any forms sent to our Helpdesk to complete.

A distribution agreement is not required as HSV is procuring goods on behalf of public health services.

See the supplier contract terms and conditions in the Contracts and tenders section.