Procurement Activity Plan

HealthShare Victoria's sourcing program is developed in collaboration with clinicians and health services to ensure we continue to meet the Victorian public health sector's diverse clinical and operational needs.

The PAP provides an overview of all our sourcing activities over the coming two years. It also includes a list of all existing contracts.

Note that this spreadsheet is correct at the time of publication on 31 Dec 2021 and will be updated every six months. 

Download the Jan 2022 - Dec 2023 PAP 

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Health service requirements

Under the provisions of Health Purchasing Policy 5: Collective Purchasing, Clause 2.15, mandated hospitals and health services may only enter into a contract or renew any current contract with suppliers for goods or services listed in the PAP if there is a contractual capacity to terminate any relevant existing contract.  For the purposes of HSV Health Purchasing Policy 5: Collective Purchasing, the Confirmed Annual Sourcing Plan is now known as the PAP.

HSV Agreement Transition Clause

We understand that not all health service contracts contain a clause that allows them to readily transition to the terms and conditions set out in an HSV agreement for the same product or service.

The HSV Agreement Transition Clause assists health services in strengthening and clarifying their contractual requirements in relation to HSV.

  • The clause allows health services to transition from an existing local contract to a HSV contract when we establishes a common or state-wide contract.
  • HSV encourages health services to include this transition clause in all contracts as it provides flexibility to transition to a HSV contract - and its associated benefits - as soon as possible.