HPVC2024-057: Operating Room and Wound Drainage Consumables

Current Contract

Contract start date: 16 Jan 2024

Contract end date: 15 Jan 2026

Option periods: 2 x 2 years


Provision of a range of Operating Room and Wound Drainage Consumables to Victorian Public Health Services.

Additional information

HPVITS2024-057 Operating Room and Wound Drainage Consumables Invitation to Tender (ITS) will be released on the 31st of March 2023.

Industry Briefing was held on Monday, the 3rd of April at 11 am. The slide pack on the briefing will be made available for download after the meeting.

New User: Please go to healthsharevic.org.au and click Register. Detailed instructions are available on the Industry Briefing slide pack mentioned above. This will be available in the procurement portal.

For any queries, please email: helpdesk@healthsharevic.org.au


Register for the industry briefing using the link below before the 30th of March, 11:30 pm:




Category 1 - Electrosurgical Return Electrodes
Category 2 - Diathermy Consumables
Category 3 - Smoke Evacuation Devices and Consumables
Category 4 - Vessel Identification Loops
Category 5 - Suture Boot Jaw Covers
Category 6 - Surgical Clamp Inserts
Category 7 - Scalpels, Scalpel Handles and Scalpel Blades
Category 8 - Stitch Cutter Blades
Category 9 - Scrub Brushes
Category 10 - Patient Warming/Cooling Units and Consumables
Category 11 - Sharps Containment Devices
Category 12 - Surgical Marking Pens
Category 13 - Surgical Clippers
Category 14 - Irrigation Sets
Category 15 - Light Handle Covers
Category 16 - Haemostatic Agents and Sealants
Category 17 - Suction Tubing - ENT and Neurosurgery only
Category 18 - Embolectomy Catheters
Category 19 - Chest Drainage Systems and Consumables
Category 20 - Wound Drainage Systems and Consumables
Category 21 – Disposable Holloware
Category 22 –Reusable Holloware
Category 23 – Disposable Instruments
Category 24 – Pneumatic Tourniquets
Category 25 – Bulb Syringes