HPVITS2021-184 Fire Systems Service and Maintenance - Metro

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Market Release Date
15 Jan 2021

Additional Information

The proposed scope will provide metro health services access to all Services necessary to comply with the DHHS Capital Development Guidelines.


o Section 1: scope and general
o Section 2: automatic fire sprinkler systems
o Section 3: fire pumpsets
o Section 4: fire hydrant systems
o Section 5: water storage tanks for fire protection systems
o Section 6: fire detection and alarm systems
o Section 7: special hazard systems
o Section 8: delivery lay flat hoses
o Section 9: fire hose reels
o Section 10: portable and wheeled fire extinguishers
o Section 11: fire blankets
o Section 12: passive fire and smoke systems
o Section 13: fire and smoke control features of mechanical services
o Section 14: emergency planning in facilities
o all appendices relevant to the above sections


Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment