HPVITS2021-041 Catering Supplies

Current Tender

Market Release Date
02 Jun 2021
Option Periods
X1 2 years


Contract for the provision of catering supplies to Victorian public health services.

Additional Information

HPVITS2021-041 Catering Supplies

Please be advised that the Catering Supplies ITS HPVITS2021-041 was released on 02 June 2021.

Tender documents are now available from HSV Procurement Portal. Suppliers must be registered on the HSV website in order to access the documentation. You can visit https://healthsharevic.org.au/register/ to register for a supplier account.

Please ensure to submit your questions via the messaging platform through the HSV Procurement Portal and adhere to below timelines:

  • End date for submission of questions: 21 June 2021
  • Tender closing date: 26 July 2021


Refer to the following links for information related to the industry briefing session held on 24 May 2021:




For all registration related queries please contact helpdesk@healthsharevic.org.au .




Tender specific queries are to be submitted via the 'Messages' function within the HPV Procurement Portal.

Website access queries are to be direct to our Helpdesk



(03) 9947 3900


(i) Category 1 – Beverages;
(ii) Category 2 - Cooked Meat;
(iii) Category 3 - Dairy Products;
(iv) Category 4 - Domestic Kitchenware Consumables;
(v) Category 5 - Dry, Chilled and Frozen Pantry;
(vi) Category 6 – Eggs;
(vii) Category 7 - Fresh Bread;
(viii) Category 8 - Fresh Fruit and Vegetables;
(ix) Category 9 - Fresh Meat;
(x) Category 10 - Fresh Poultry;
(xi) Category 11 - Fresh White Milk;
(xii) Category 12 - Fresh Pre-prepared Meals and Meal Components; and
(xiii) Category 13 - Pre-prepared Desserts.