Pathology Equipment

HPVC2018-115 Pathology Equipment & Associated Consumables: Overview

The Pathology Equipment & Associated Consumables agreement is an open panel for the supply of pathology analysers, analyser-associated consumables (e.g. reagent kits, control kits, etc.) and benchtop pathology equipment.

Suppliers on this panel have:

  • successfully completed a pre-qualification process, demonstrating their capacity and capability to supply equipment within one or more of the categories within the scope of this panel
  • agreed terms and conditions of a header agreement, under which all equipment and associated services within the scope of the panel will be supplied to Participating Health Services

Rules of use

To comply with requirements for this panel, health services must:

  • Conduct an RFQ (or shortlisting / technical assessment if involved in a group buy) with one or more suppliers on the panel, in accordance with:
    • the HSV Health Purchasing Policies, and
    • any other internal procurement procedures required.
  • Complete an order contract with the supplier selected after RFQ.

Header agreement information page

Panel information (including header agreements, order contract templates, user guides, etc.) can be downloaded via the Pathology Equipment & Associated Consumables Header Agreement Page

Category information pages

HSV is in the progress of developing catalogues and SOR templates for the remaining categories under this agreement (links to each information page will be added once live):

Anatomical Pathology

Chemical Pathology

Molecular Pathology



Point of Care Testing

Generic Equipment