Medical Equipment Sourcing Stream

The HealthShare Victoria Equipment Sourcing Stream supports health services to source best-value medical equipment that suits the needs of their individual organisation.

The process reflects HSV’s broader shared management approach to procurement, establishing pre-qualified supplier panels and giving health services the opportunity to participate in coordinated Group Buy events.

Benefits of the Equipment Sourcing Stream include:

  • Reduction in time required for sourcing activity using pre-qualified supplier panels
  • Volume discount opportunities across multiple health services via HSV Group Buys
  • Access to guidance, resources and support from the HSV Equipment Sourcing Team

Equipment Sourcing Process

The HSV Equipment Sourcing Process is designed to maximise opportunities for volume discounts while providing health services with autonomy to conduct equipment sourcing activity in accordance with their requirements, processes and timescales.

This process provides two options for procurement activity:

  • HSV Group Buys: Where opportunities to align and aggregate requirements across multiple health services exist, HPV will conduct a Group Buy to seek additional volume based discounts and value adds.
  • Health Service Led Requests For Quotes (RFQs): Where no opportunities exist to align multiple requirements, health services may conduct end-to-end RFQs (restricted to panel suppliers) in accordance with the HSV Health Purchasing Policies and their internal procurement procedures.

Scheduled Group Buy Events

HSV Group Buys events are scheduled based on health service demand and timescales. Once scheduled, HSV will publish fact sheets containing further details for each planned Group Buy event. To participate in a Group Buy event, health services are required to complete a Group Buy Participation Form and send the completed form to the HSV Equipment Sourcing Team.

HSV actively assesses equipment demand to identify new Group Buy opportunities. Please contact the HSV Equipment Sourcing Team at the earliest opportunity to discuss your requirements and confirm Group Buy opportunities.


The following general guides, templates and forms have been developed for health services conducting procurement activity under HSV equipment agreements:

In addition, HSV has further mechanisms and tools to assist health services in reducing the time required for medical equipment procurement activities, including:

  • Pre-qualified supplier panels
  • Pre-negotiated terms and conditions
  • Centralised product catalogues
  • Statement of requirements templates
  • Contract pricing (including volume breaks) for selected categories

The following links offer more detailed information and resources regarding specific procurement sub-streams:

Contact us

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