Cluster sourcing

HealthShare Victoria's cluster sourcing approach is all about enhancing the sector’s collective buying power.

Cluster sourcing enables health services to pool resources, reduce duplication of effort and achieve better pricing and service delivery.

Three men stand on the roof of Sale Hospital admiring the many solar panels.

In 2018, following a successful pilot in Gippsland, HSV (at the time Health Purchasing Victoria) adopted a cluster procurement approach for the design, supply and installation of solar arrays at public hospitals grouped together in the same geographic areas across regional Victoria. Other cluster projects have included medical gas maintenance and chemotherapy preparations. 

Initiate a project

Victoria’s public health services, particularly those in regional areas, may choose to undertake procurement activities as part of a group to achieve economies of scale.

HSV’s approach to cluster sourcing provides a framework that enables health services to collectively procure within the parameters of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

If your health service is considering facilitating a cluster sourcing event for several health services in your region, a template letterhead to request a HSV Directive is available within the above resources.

For more information about cluster sourcing contact the HSV Helpdesk.