30 September 2020

HPV Customer Survey out in October

The HPV 2020 customer survey will be sent to health services in October and we would like to hear what you think of our engagement, support, systems and tools.

HPV’s Director of Customer Engagement Alfred Matthews says the survey is concise and will assist HPV in providing effective support for Victoria’s public health sector.

“The survey can be completed in less than 10 minutes and health service feedback goes a long way to helping us improve the way we do things, enabling you to concentrate on the best possible outcomes for your patients,” says Alfred.

“It captures feedback about our overall performance in delivering value along with an evaluation of specific HPV programs and initiatives,” says Alfred.

HPV is committed to supporting health services in delivering safe, affordable and sustainable healthcare for all Victorians.

HPV has implemented a series of initiatives to better support health services in response to feedback received through the 2018 Customer Engagement Survey:

  • Improvements to the HPV reference group nomination process and portal that make it easier for health services to engage in these groups
  • Improved website navigation and the implementation of an online help centre to provide useful information in a single place
  • Access to a transactional view of Health Services Spend Data Analysis (HeSSDA) to improve analytical ability
  • Improvements to the interface between the Common Catalogue and health services’ catalogues
  • A social procurement training tool kit developed specifically for health services to support strategy implementation
  • A new compliance assessment tool scaled to health services’ size and capacity
  • Online probity training for procurement professionals, clinical and non-clinical staff and members of boards and executives to enable training to be completed at a time and place that suits them
  • An increased focus on improving HPV’s internal collaboration and communication to deliver better customer service.

For more information please contact a Customer Relationship Manager or the Health Services Helpdesk on 03 9947 3900 or at healthservices@hpv.zendesk.com.