HPVITS2022-051 Drapes and Clinical Protective Apparel

Market Release Date
01 Feb 2022


HSV intends to re-tender the existing contracts HPVC2015-051 Drapes & Clinical Protective Apparel.


01. High filtration and respiratory protective face masks.
02. Eye and Face Protective Devices.
03. Shoe covers.
04. Headwear.
05. Single Use Patient Underwear.
06. Single-Use Gowns for Patient Use.
07. Single-Use Gowns for Clinical Use.
08. Single-Use Gowns for Clinical Use.
09. Plastic Aprons.
10. Adhesive Incise Drapes.
11. General-Purpose Drapes.
12. Specialty Drapes.
13. Composite Drape Packs.
14. Plastic Drapes.