HPVC2016-018 Enteral Feeding and Oral Nutrition Support

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
14 Feb 2016
Contract End Date
13 Feb 2022


Provision of a range of Enteral Feeding and Oral Nutrition Support (EFONS) products to Victorian public hospitals and health services and includes home enteral nutrition services.

Additional Information

Contract Details

  • The Principal Period commenced on 14th of February 2016 and run until 13th of February 2018.
  • The second and last Contract Option period of two years has been executed – effective from 14th of February 2020 until 13th of February 2022.
  • HealthShare Victoria has commenced preparation for a tender to go out to market for this contract.
  • Please search and favourite HSVITS2022-018 for information and updates.


Option Periods Remaining




Latest Update (16 August 2021):




  • HSVITS2022-018 Enteral Feed and Oral Nutrition closes at 14:00 AEST Wednesday 18 August 2021
  • If you intend to submit a response to HSVITS2022-018 Enteral Feed and Oral Nutrition, please do not leave it until the last minute.  Late tenders will cause delay to everyone and in most cases will not be accepted. It may only be accepted under strict late tender clause of the ITS conditions and adequate supporting evidence (refer Part 2 – Conditions of Participation,  Clause 14, Items a. – c.)

Helpful information:

  • Tenders shall be completed electronically and uploaded online via the HSV Procurement Portal only
  • Submit early! You can overwrite your information up to the time of closing. The latest version submitted is what will be evaluated.
  • Communicate within your organisation!  Ensure everyone has completed their involvement in the process and ensure one person is responsible for finalising and submitting the response.   
  • Your response is secured by the portal system and HSV can only open it after the tender closes.


Note: Questions have closed for this ITS.



Previous Update (10 August 2021):


Please note questions close at 14:00 AEST Wednesday 11 August 2021 for HSVITS2022-018 Enteral Feeding and Oral Nutrition Support.



Previous Update (6 August 2021):


  1. Updated Tender Response Worksheet

            A revised tender response worksheet (TRW) has been uploaded to assist in capturing a formula edit error in category 9.  Please see Version 3.


Previous Update (4 August 2021):



  1. Updated Tender Response Worksheet

              A revised tender response worksheet (TRW) has been uploaded to assist in capturing some previously missing requirements and a formula edit error .  Please carefully check  the new TRW for changes.


  1. Changes to Local Jobs First Requirement

Please be advised that due to a change in advice, you not required to submit a Local Industry Development Plan (LIDP) for this tender (as per document Part 1 -7 ITS HSVITS2022-018 Enteral Feeding and Oral Nutrition Support – Part 3 Respondents Offer, Item 10 Local Jobs First Policy).  When completing your offer in Jaggaer at item 2.6 Local Jobs First Policy, refer to the table below for advice on how to complete this section.



Advice on How to Proceed

2.6.3 LIDP Plan

Please attach a copy of your ICN certified LIDP here

Please attach a (Word) document that notes the following: “I understand and acknowledge that we do not need to submit a LIDP as per advice received 4 August 2021 for HSVITS2022-018”


2.6.4 ANZ Value Added Activity

Please provide the overall figure for local (ANZ) content of your organisations LIDP lodged, as a % of response price.

Please list as 1%

2.6.5 Reporting LIDP Outcomes

Please confirm that you will report on LIDP outcomes, as per the policy guidelines if awarded to this agreement

Please select ‘Yes’





Previous Update (30 July 2021):

  • URGENT Change to Sample Requirements for HSVITS2022-018 Enteral Feed and Oral Nutrition Support as of 30 July 2021


    In view of the current Covid-19 restrictions and ongoing uncertainties, HealthShare Victoria (HSV) is currently unable to process the large volume of samples we normally would.  Please carefully read and understand the following changes in sample requirements for this ITS as of 30 July 2021.



    • IF YOU HAVE NOT YET DESPATCHED YOUR SAMPLES:Please prepare your samples and hold them  until HSV advises you to despatch them.




    • Change to Sample Quantity: HSV requires all respondents to increase the quantity of each required sample from a total of 2 to total of 18 base unit of measure pieces (eaches).
    • Additional Requirement: Please send 2 samples (only) of the packaging box for the range.  I.E. the printed shelf storage box/inner, not the bulk outer carton used for shipping purposes.  Please send empty without product.  Please pack all the boxes into one carton (if size permits) ensuring each box is labelled with the category/subcategory information it relates to.  Without damaging the boxes too much, you may loosen the glued sections or fold them to fit in.
    • If the product is from a range, you may provide a mix of flavours, sizes, colours etc from within that range.  As example, you might provide 6 raspberry, 4 banana, 2 cherry and 6 apple to make up the total quantity of 18 required.
    • IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DESPATCHED YOUR SAMPLES: Please provide an estimated date for the arrival of your sample consignment.  This will assist HSV to manage the increased volume of samples safely.  You can do this by sending a question through the ITS portal titled ‘Sample Shipment Arrival’ and providing a date in the comment/question field.

     All other sample requirements in relation to samples (including the prescribed labelling requirements for each sample item) still apply.  HSV apologies to any respondents who may have already submitted samples.  We thank you in advance for the effort in preparing and providing the additionally required samples.


If you have any queries relating to this ITS, please refer to the ITS documentation for further information or please email: helpdesk@healthsharevic.org.au


001: Enteral Formula Products
002: Oral Nutrition Support Products
003: Thickened Beverages
004: Thickening Agents
005: Modular Products
006: Enteral Feed Administration Sets, Feeding Bags and Accessories
007: Enteral Feeding Pumps
008: Nutritional Meal Replacement Products
009: Enteral Syringes and Accessories