HPVC2019-087 Electricity >160MWh


Contract Start Date
01 Jul 2019
Contract End Date
30 Jun 2023


HSV entered into an agreement with ERM Power Pty Ltd for the provision of electricity (retail) >160MWh for a four year period. The company has been rebranded as Shell Energy. There was no change in ABN.

Additional Information

Note that while ERM Power Pty Ltd has been rebranded as Shell Energy, there was no change in ABN or contract terms and conditions.

In addition, for the advantages of ensuring best value is maintained, the following HSV Agreements are also associated with Electricity (Large sites >160 MWh):

* Meter Provider and Meter Data Agent Agreement (MP & MDA) with Mondo (previously Select Solutions) for provision of interval meters and associated metering reporting.

* Provision of bill validation and monthly reporting services to all health Services, and on behalf of HPV, by JCL Management Pty Ltd.

Metering of large sites is contestable expenditure. HSV's contract ensures low cost as well as data availability with a single provider. Metering charges no longer appear on monthly electricity invoices but are separately billed on a quarterly basis by Mondo.

Bill validation and reporting services, provided by JCL, involves building invoices from meter data independently of the retailer and confirming retail billing is accurate. While retailers simply pass through regulatory and network charges, HSV and JCL's access to data not presented on invoices ensures these charges are correct and provides:

* validation reports for health services,

* Comparative usage data by month,

* Graphical presentation of data, and

* Demand management performance information.

JCL can also provide high level advice in relation to new services / NMI's.