HPVITS2021-173 Pest Control Services

Current Tender

Market Release Date
15 Mar 2021

Additional Information

The Services include:

  1. detection, monitoring, controlling, and eradication of pests including but not limited to cockroaches, ants, spiders, rodents, birds, etc. through various methods such as use of approved pesticides, weedicides, baits, traps etc.
  2. development, implementation, and ongoing management of integrated pest management (IPM) programmes for the PHS.
  3. supply of all required pest control materials and equipment.
  4. reactive maintenance services;
  5. all activities necessary to support the delivery of the Services.

All health service regions including Metro are under consideration.


The IPM Service shall include control of the following pests:
(i) Rodents including:
• rat;
• mouse;
(ii) All members of the class Insecta and including:
• moth;
• fly;
• mosquito;
• bee;
• wasp;
• ant;
• termite;
• cockroach;
• silverfish;
• earwigs;
• crickets;
• fleas;
• bed Bugs;
(iii) All members of the class Myriapod and including:
• millipede;
• centipede;
(iv) All members of the class Arachnida and including:
• spider;
• tick;
• mite;
• scorpion;
(v) Birds
(vi) Possum

Out of scope
•Hygiene service