HPVITS2021-200 Skin Integrity Consumables

Upcoming Tender

Market Release Date
01 Mar 2021
Option Periods
1x2 years


HPV intends to merge two existing contracts
HPVC2015-027 Wound Care Products and
HPVC2016-050 Surgical Dressings, Tapes and Bandages
into a new Invitation to Supply (ITS)
HPVITS2021-200 Skin Integrity Consumables

The ITS release dates are TENTATIVE


The categories of Skin Integrity Consumables include:

1 Transparent Film Dressings
2 Foam Dressings
3 Absorbent Pads
4 Capillary Action Dressings
5 Island Dressings
6 Hydrogel Dressings
7 Hydrocolloid Dressings
8 Alginate Dressings
9 Gelling Fibre Dressings
10 Anti-Microbial Dressings
11 Hypertonic Saline Dressings
12 Odour Absorbing Dressings
13 Silicone Dressings
14 Collagen Matrix Dressings
15 Keratin Dressings
16 Impregnated Dressings
17 Monofilament Pads
18 Gauze Products
19 Cotton Wool Products
20 Non-woven Products
21 Surgical Patties
22 Nasal Bolsters
23 Eye Strolls and Eye Spears
24 Eye Pads
25 Cotton Tipped Applicators
26 First Aid Dressings
27 Adhesive Pressure Dressings
28 Wound Closure Strips
29 Surgical Adhesive tapes
30 Flat Bandages
31 Collar and Cuff Bandages
32 Triangular Bandages
33 Tubular Bandages and Applicators
34 Undercast Padding Bandages
35 Plaster of Paris Bandages
36 Casting Material
37 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
38 Disposal Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
39 Anti-Embolism Stockings
40 Sequential Compression Devices and Consumables