HPVITS2021-173 Pest Control Services

Current Tender

Market Release Date
15 Jan 2021

Additional Information

The proposed scope includes Preventive (PM) and Reactive (RM) Pest Control services for all participating health services (HS).
Pest control will provide services which include exterminating and controlling mosquitoes, birds, rodents, termites, other insects and pests.

It is intended that additional subcategories can be added into the main contract as they are identified and ITS conducted.

All health service regions including metro are under consideration.


Pest Control Services
In Scope
•General Pests (Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders and Rodents)
•Bird Control
•Termite treatment and pests like Possum
•Fly Control, Wasps, worms, bed bugs etc.

Out of scope
•Hygiene service