Product recall action

HSV relies on supplier, Recall Health or TGA advice that a product recall action is underway. Once confirmed, HSV will track supply within our system, rather than requiring suppliers – who may not have access to relevant supply chain data to assist in tracking – to do this on our behalf.

If the product has been ordered by MHL:

The process is consistent with current practice, which involves the following steps to track products being recalled:

  1. Recall notification is received from the supplier, Recall Health or the TGA by the Melbourne Health CEO who informs the Melbourne Health Clinical Product Advisor (CPA) of the recall.
  2. The CPA advises the HSV Tullamarine DC (the former Melbourne Health Logistics (MHL) distribution centre) of the action to be taken and product locations.
  3. CPA contacts partner health services to notify them of the recall and requests that they quarantine affected product.
  4. If the recall involves inventory product, the warehouse identifies the product(s) and quarantines it.
  5. CPA notifies the relevant supplier of the quarantined product location and the supplier collects the product from health service locations or warehouse as applicable.
  6. The recipient health service responds back to the supplier regarding corrective actions taken.
  7. HSV credits or replaces product directly to the health service.

If the product has been ordered by HSV:

  1. Recall notification to be sent by the supplier via Recall Health or email to:
  2. Rectification actions will be taken by the HSV CPA and the warehouse manager and a response will be provided to the supplier.

HSV maintains financial accountability with suppliers and will credit any affected health service. The relevant supplier, at HSV’s direction, will be responsible for collecting or disposing of any recalled product from the relevant health service.

HSV is responsible for notifying locations and customers (i.e. health services and hospital sites) of recalled products supplied to them from HSV’s Derrimut DC. It is HSV’s responsibility to provide this information to the relevant supplier.

The TGA will consider this point from a national regulatory perspective. For more information, please see

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