Delivery to HealthShare Victoria

Delivery addresses

HealthShare Victoria Distribution Centre (Derrimut)

18 Foxley Court
Derrimut Vic 3026

Global Location Numbers

HSV’s global location number (GLN) is: 9377779142295. This is the bill to GLN.

The ship to GLN is GLN 9339626016401.

Essential information for all drivers

Essential information for drivers should be reviewed by all drivers before arriving at HealthShare Victoria’s Derrimut Distribution Centre.

Delivery details – Derrimut DC

  • Delivery times: 6.30am – 3.00pm, Monday to Friday
  • Unloading: Forklift (tail gate or finger dock)
  • Access height: Adjustable platform
  • Pallet Control: Exchange
  • Frequency of delivery: Weekly unless agreed otherwise
  • Pre delivery alert: Not required
  • Container delivery: Feasible but please confirm drop off and pick up times in advance of delivery
  • Specific customer packaging requirements: Not applicable
  • Permits: Not required for alcohol or drugs as these items are not stored on site.

Contact point for delivery queries

Aaron Brown 0498 535 935