Common Catalogue

The Common Catalogue – a single source of product and pricing information collated by HSV – will significantly improve management of the Victorian public health supply chain, supporting new initiatives to improve patient safety.

The consistency and accuracy of data which the Common Catalogue will deliver is the catalyst in improving supply chain efficiencies. The benefits of the Common Catalogue include:

  • Duplication of products in order systems will be minimised. There will be fewer calls and emails between health services and suppliers, greater accuracy for invoicing, easier switch to electronic trading, faster contract transition and improved data analysis.
  • Functional equivalents can be easily identified, allowing clinicians to focus on patient care – products in the same family can be easily identified to replace unavailable products. Better data supports initiatives to track products, ensuring the right products are sent to the right place at the right time.

Hospital worker accesses supplies in a hospital supply room.

Next steps

Health services

Melbourne Health is the first health service to introduce the Common Catalogue which will be progressively rolled out over two years.  Health services are able to implement the catalogue in stages as contracts are rolled over or new agreements are put in place.

The first step in introducing the Common Catalogue at your health service is to organise a change impact assessment through your HSV Customer Relationship Manager to help identify appropriate training for your employees and the best implementation approach.


The Common Catalogue is not an advertising or marketing platform for suppliers.

If you sell or wish to sell products to a Victorian public health service, upload your pricing and product information in the National Product Catalogue (NPC) to provide visibility of your products to HSV.

The Common Catalogue draws data from the NPC, and synchronises with the Victorian Product Catalogue System (VPCS) and health services’ own catalogues for all supplier information whether products and services are on HSV contract or not.

More information

To find out more, access Frequently Asked Questions on the HSV Help Centre, or contact the HSV Help Desk on (03) 9947 3900 or by email:
Health Services can also contact their allocated Customer Relationship Manager.