Current suppliers

While HealthShare Victoria is our new trading name it is important to note that Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) remains the legal entity under the governing legislation and HPV’s existing contracts are still in place. The HPV ABN has not changed.

HSV will be a new account for all suppliers and key information is available to help suppliers prepare to receive orders, including different billing details and delivery address. The Melbourne Health Logistics account will also remain active until HSV advises of any change.

Suppliers using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) when supplying products to Melbourne Health can expect this EDI messaging to remain in place during stage one.

Existing Melbourne Health Logistics customer credit limits will remain the same. For suppliers yet to establish a customer credit limit, please contact the HSV Helpdesk on 03 9947 3700 or email

Upcoming tenders will continue to be advertised in the same way and you can still choose to ‘favourite’ items via the HSV website.