25 July 2022

Health Purchasing Policy amendments submissions open

HSV has proposed amendments to the HSV Health Purchasing Policies and welcomes comments and submissions about the proposed changes before 19 August 2022.

Following an invitation from HSV to all Victorian public health services to participate in a review of the policies, HSV formed a working group with 12 health service representatives. The working group has reviewed and provided feedback over four workshops and proposed updates to the HPPs.

The amendments align to Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) Supply Policies and address areas for improvement that have been identified including:

  • increased emphasis on the need for health services to ensure probity in their procurement activities;
  • the policies need to be fit for purpose
  • the confidentiality of commercially sensitive information.

The five proposed amended HSV Health Purchasing Policies are available to download from HSV’s website.

HSV invites comments or submissions from hospitals, health services and any person or organisation that may consider themselves affected by the amendment of these policies. 

Submissions should be made by email to HSV no later than 5pm, 19 August 2022. Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive, HealthShare Victoria and emailed to compliance@healthsharevic.org.au.

HSV has produced a summary of the proposed key changes to the Health Purchasing Policies. To obtain a copy of the Health Purchasing Policies 2022 Key Changes Guide, please contact the HSV Compliance Team at compliance@healthsharevic.org.au.

HSV has a responsibility to develop, implement and review policies and practices to ensure compliance and probity in procurement, and to support good procurement practices across the Victorian health sector.