Procurement tools and resources

HealthShare Victoria has collated these tools, as well as third-party resources to help Victorian health services understand:

  • HSV procurement resources (you must be logged in to see this page)
  • the Victorian Government’s approach to social procurement
  • sustainability in procurement
  • environmental considerations in procurement
  • industry development through local jobs
  • compliance with industrial relations and work safety laws.

The Victorian Government’s approach to social procurement

Buying for Victoria explains how Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework and how the Victorian Government undertakes social procurement of goods and services. It includes a document library with strategies and guides.

HSV’s Guide to Social Procurement covers:

  • principles of ethical and social procurement
  • building an ethical supply chain
  • business to business ethics
  • social responsibility
  • probity to manage risks
  • ethical purchasing practices
  • implementing social procurement.

Sustainability and environmental considerations in procurement

Sustainability Victoria provides information on:

  • waste management
  • energy efficiency and emissions reduction
  • research and data
  • grants and funding for emissions reduction activities.

HSV’s Guide to Sustainable Procurement covers:

  • key sustainability principles
  • incorporating sustainability into the procurement process
  • the plan for sustainability in procurement. 

HSV’s Guide to Environmental Procurement covers:

  • principles of environment procurement
  • environment procurement considerations
  • risks
  • process steps.

Industry development through local jobs

The Victorian Government’s Local Jobs First website is focused on promoting employment and business growth by expanding market opportunities for local industry and providing for industry development.

Compliance with industrial relations and work safety laws

The Victorian Government’s Buying for Victoria website covers the Fair Jobs Code.

This Code promotes labour standards and encourages compliance with employment, industrial relations and workplace health and safety obligations.