HSV Purchasing Policy 1. Governance

2.1 Governance principle

Health services to establish, implement, and regularly review a Procurement Governance Framework (PGF) to monitor and manage procurement and emergency procurement across the health service.

2.2 Governance associated requirements

a) Health services’ roles, responsibilities, and capabilities, including the Accountable Officer (AO) and Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), are identified and documented within the PGF.

b) Health services to develop and implement a Procurement Strategy that outlines the procurement profile. HSV may request a review of the procurement plan and component parts at any time.

c) Health services must develop an emergency management plan that is clear, concise, streamlined, flexible, proportionate and identifies relevant information in-line with evidence contained in Part 3: 3.3.

d) Health services are to implement a complaints procedure which supports procedural fairness.

e) Annually health services are required to:

i. conduct a self-assessment of performance against HSV’s purchasing policies, collective agreements and supply chain;

ii. complete an attestation of compliance with HSV’s purchasing policies within the health service’s annual report in the form prescribed by HSV;

iii. report activation of emergency within the health service’s annual report including the following details:

  • the nature of the emergency;
  • a summary of the goods and services procured;
  • total spend on goods and services; and
  • the number of contracts awarded valued at $100,000 (GST inclusive) or more.

iv. submit a Procurement Activity Plan to HSV and publish on the health service’s website;

v. submit current contracts in place at the time of submission; and

vi. submit approved on-selling arrangements.

f) Health services to submit a board approved audit report detailing the outcomes of audits of compliance with HSV purchasing policies requested in the HSV Audit Schedule or as part of a separate request by HSV.

Governance Resources


HSV Purchasing Policy 1. Governance


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