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Exemption for self-assessment and reporting FY 2021-22

In line with our commitment to support health services during the COVID-19 pandemic, HSV has applied an exemption to the following reporting requirements for mandated health services for the financial year 2021-22.

Annual attestation reporting requirement at subparagraph 3.3(b) of Health Purchasing Policy 1: Procurement Governance (HPP1). The exemption means there is no requirement for a statement in annual reports for FY2021-22.

Annual self-assessment reporting requirement at subparagraph 3.3(c) of HPP1.

Notice of this exemption was published on page 668 of the Victorian Government Gazette on 17 February 2022.

The CPO Compliance Portal

The CPO Compliance Portal is a resource to assist health service Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) fulfil their responsibilities and meet health service reporting requirements.

The Portal is also used to provide regular updates relating to the HSV Compliance Framework. Eligible users can access the Portal via their HSV Dashboard.

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The Audit Schedule is available on the Portal to assist health services to plan and prepare. CPOs can also access the Compliance Assessment Tool via the Audit Schedule page.

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Annual self-assessments and triennial audit reports can be submitted through the CPO Compliance Portal. Information about the HealthShare Victoria Audit Program is included on the Portal, including guidance notes for health services.

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